Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

The Original Mile Sur Mera Tumhara. Lets see how many stars you can recognize.

MIT students get original and recreate one the best patriotic advt. messages. The original soundtack with Bhimsen Joshi, Balmuralikrishan , Lata is just awesome. With the Indian Independence day coming up this sets the right patriotic mood.

A.R. Rahman composes the 2nd edition to Mile Sur.

Ek Anek aur Ekta, Films Division documentary.. Brings back old memories when life was much simpler and YouTube didnt exist :) and DD bored us to death bar a few classic clips like these ones.

Gandhi speaking. This is the first time I'm hearing him speak. His voice is rich, deep and seems to have this amazing clarity and sense of purpose.


Utsav said...


is it possible 4 u to share these file? That'd b really great if u can spread ur collection. mail me on

Tarni said...


I would love to have Mile sur mera tumhara and you can mail me at