Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Champions trophy - Last few boring matches

By all accounts the champions trophy has been a damp squib. India is knocked out of the tournament the stands are empty, sponsors unhappy, cricketers disappointed and viewers bored to death. Adding to the misery is the extraa innings show with Mandira bedi and Sidhu making a mockery of the game. Poor Tony Greig, John Wright and Geoff Boycott try to salvage it but Charu can be the helpless specatator to the antics of the Sony Marketing team. Last years fourth umpire with Srikant and Amarnath was very interesting, as for now the half time show and post game analysis is reduced to Pepsi morons screaming Aya India.. Ab to Gaya India.

Neverthless here are few highlights of the last 3 matches.