Friday, March 23, 2007

Its all over

As I went back in time I realised we had lost 4-0 to West Indies in W.I. I guess we didnt learn anything from it. Here's a song which probably illustrates the mood of the die-hard Indian fan.India theme song

I guess on days like this, Bollywood comes to the rescue. The film industry must be thanking "Team India" for wrapping up so quickly. Now they can release movies backlogged over the past month.

Its all OVER folks...
Good night and Good luck.

IBN report on the world cup loss. Srikkant calls the Indian performance "rubbish"

Manjrekar's Podcast report on CricInfo

As the Indian fans digest the news of India getting knocked out of the World cup, some people are hoping for a fixed match between Bermuda and Bangladesh. Their claim is that Bangladesh players will make more moolah from this fixed match then they ever did before. I hope the bookies who have bet on India suffer huge losses, since anyway their bet of India not reaching the Super-8 would have had very low odds. We do not want the world cup to be won over any more corpses. It is tragic enough that Woolmer was murdered. Once a genteman's game, now the game has become a circus for the media and a gambling pit for the bookies.
The first fallout of the knockout is that Chappel flying to Australia directly, The second I hope is that the stupid media in TV and print stop referring to India as "Men in Blue" or Team India. Its the Indian cricket team for god's sake. I also hope many of the Television companies who own rights suffer huge losses. The money bags have put controls on Cricket telecasting and deprived access to millions of cricket lovers in sub-continet. It is these cricket lovers who have made the game as popular as it is, so mr TV heads, "Dont bite the hand that feeds".
For the Indian team I hope they can spend some time in retrospection after they have wiped out the tears. After all the 2011 world cup is in the sub-continent. Our curators wouldve done a fine job to render any quality attack ineffective.
For one I hope mr Pawar, Niranjan Shah and the selection committee resign. Its a national disgrace to have such inept and incompetent people in management, while expecting wonders of the foot soldiers.

As for me, I'm rooting for the Lankans, I want Murali to win the world cup. He deserves it 1000000%


Nikunj said...

Hear hear! I agree with all that. Its only a game folks, not something to get murdered for.

Anonymous said...

Hey man,
I just ended up in your blog while searching for video highlights. Thanks a lot for uploading it. Well as a Sri Lankan I feel sorry for India for the mess they have to handle. Indian media sucks I think they try to make a Bollywood movie out of every thing...and there are some india reacting like nut cases. Like attacking Dhonie's house... Man this would never ever happend in Sri Lanka.... anyway I hope things will go well without any more drama. Yes, Lets just play some cricket!!