Wednesday, June 28, 2006

FIFA World cup soccer streaming TV

Got this in the mail, thought I'd put it up.

1. Download TVU streaming player,

2. Install it on your computer after choosing the right language.

3. Open the video player and let it connect to the TVU network.

4. After connecting, you can double-click on the channels on the left side-bar to launch the channel. World Cup Football is on channels ESPN (Sports), ESPN2, and ABC. Check the TV listings here.

5. Depending on your Internet connection speed, let the online stream buffer and it will start playing. The screen will be pixelated for sometime but it will gradually stabilize. If it does not, then click on the Refresh button.

6. To change channels, simply double-click on the channels in the sidebar.

7. Due to possible high bandwidth consumption, the player may not connect to the network at your workplace. Ask your network administrator (if you can).

8. Enjoy the ‘Joga Bonito’.

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